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DNA Nanobarrel‐Based Drug Delivery for Paclitaxel and Doxorubicin

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A DNA-based paclitaxel (PTX) and doxorubixin (DOX) delivery system was prepared, including Tn-PTX with different length of ssDNA tail (polythymine, Tn) and the DNA origami-based PTX\DOX\MUC-1 aptamer nanobarrel. In addition, the drug release, cytotoxicity and cellular uptake behaviors of Tn-PTX and nanobarrel in vitro were evaluated.


Co-delivery of anticancer drugs and target agents by endogenous materials is an inevitable approach towards targeted and synergistic therapy. Employing DNA base pair complementarities, DNA nanotechnology exploits a unique nanostructuring method and has demonstrated its capacity for nanoscale positioning and templated assembly. Moreover, the water solubility, biocompatibility, and modifiability render DNA structure suitable candidate for drug delivery applications. We here report single-stranded DNA tail conjugated antitumor drug paclitaxel (PTX), and the co-delivery of PTX, doxorubicin and targeting agent mucin 1 (MUC-1) aptamer on a DNA nanobarrel carrier. We investigated the effect of tail lengths on drug release efficiencies and dual drug codelivery-enabled cytotoxicity. Owing to the rapidly developing field of structural DNA nanotechnology, functional DNA-based drug delivery is promising to achieve clinical therapeutic applications.

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