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Design, Synthesis and in vitro Evaluation of 4‐(4‐Hydroxyphenyl)piperazine‐based Compounds Targeting Tyrosinase

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Melanin biosynthesis is enzymatically regulated by tyrosinase (TYR, EC, which is efficiently inhibited by natural/ synthetic phenols demonstrating potential therapeutic application for the treatment of several human diseases. Herein we report the inhibitory effects of a series of (4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)piperazin-1-yl)arylmethanone derivatives, that were designed, synthesised and assayed toward TYR from Agaricus bisporus (AbTYR). The best inhibitory activity was predominantly found for compounds bearing selected hydrophobic ortho-substituents on aroyl moiety (IC 50 in the range of values from 1.5 to 4.6 mM). They proved to be more potent than reference compound kojic acid (IC 50 =17.8 mM) and displayed competitive mechanism of inhibition of diphenolase activity of AbTYR. Docking simulation predicted their binding mode into the catalytic cavities of AbTYR and the modelled human TYR. In addition, these compounds displayed antioxidant activity combined with no cytotoxicity in MTT test. Notably, the best inhibitor affected tyrosinase activity in α-MSH-stimulated B16F10 cells, thus demonstrating anti-melanogenic activity.

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