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Current Status of Formulations and Scalable Processes for Producing Sulfidic Solid‐State Batteries

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Solid-state batteries possess the potential to combine increased energy densities, high voltages, as well as safe operation and therefore are considered the future technology for electrical energy storage. In particular, sulfides as solid electrolyte are promising candidates due to their high ionic conductivities and the possibility of a scalable production. This review aims to demonstrate ways to manufacture suspension-based sulfidic solid-state batteries both on a laboratory scale and on an industrial level, focusing on the assessment of current knowledge and its discussion from a process engineering point of view. In addition to the influence of process parameters during mechanochemical synthesis of the solid electrolyte, formulation strategies for electrodes and separators are presented. The process chain from dispersion to cell assembly is evaluated. Scale-up technologies are considered in comparison to established techniques in the field of conventional lithium-ion batteries with liquid electrolyte summarizing the current status of sulfidic solid-state battery production.

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