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Cover Feature: High Performing and Stable Cu/NiAlOx Catalysts for the Continuous Catalytic Conversion of Ethanol into Butanol (ChemCatChem 17/2022)

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The Cover Feature shows high-performing and stable Cu/NiAlOx catalysts derived from NiAl-hydrotalcite for continuous catalytic conversion of ethanol into butanol, which is one of the pivotal processes in biorefinery for the production of renewable fuels and value-added chemicals. In their Research Article, Y. Tan, W. Luo, Y.-J. Ding and co-workers report that significant enhancement in catalytic performance in terms of activity, selectivity and stability, can be attained by adding Cu properly into the NiAl-hydrotalcite. An optimal compromise between the ethanol conversion and butanol selectivity can be sustained over the optimal Cu/NiAlOx catalyst for 1000 h during the long-term stability test under moderate reaction condition, reflecting one of the state-of-the-art performances for non-noble metal-based heterogeneous catalysts in this Guerbet coupling process. More information can be found in the Research Article by Y. Tan, W. Luo, Y.-J. Ding and co-workers.

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