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Considerations for the Scale‐up of in vitro Transaminase‐Catalyzed Asymmetric Synthesis of Chiral Amines

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In vitro transaminase catalyzed asymmetric synthesis is not a new phenomenon in the biocatalytic toolbox. Our group published a review on process consideration for these reactions in 2011, in which process metrics and the unfavorable reaction equilibrium was deduced to be the main bottlenecks at the time. Now, a decade later, this has been solved by different process methods presented in this review, with the development of enzymatic cascades one of the main solutions. Today, the new bottleneck is the downstream processing, due to the complexity of transaminase reactions, in which a ketone and an amine as substrates and a new ketone and a new amine as products. How to recover the produced amine from the resulting product mixture is considered and will be the key challenge for scale up of such systems in the near future.

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