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Circularly Polarized Laser Emission from Homochiral Superstructures based on Achiral Molecules with Conformal Flexibility

Without external chiral intervention, it is a challenge to form homochirality from achiral molecules with conformational flexibility. We here report on a rational strategy that uses multivalent noncovalent interactions to clamp the molecular conformational of achiral D-A molecules. These interactions overcome the otherwise dominant dipole-dipole interactions and thus disfavor their symmetric antiparallel stacking. It in turn facilitates parallel packing, leading to spontaneous symmetry breaking during crystallization and thus the formation of homochiral conglomerates. When this emergent homochirality is coupled with optical gain characteristics of the molecules, the homochiral crystals are explored as excellent circularly polarized micro-lasers with low lasing threshold (16.4 μJ/cm2) and high dissymmetry factor glum (0.9). This study therefore provides a facile design strategy for supramolecular chiral materials and active laser ones without the necessity of intrinsic chiral element.

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