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CdS Decorated on Hierarchically Structured Single Crystal TiO2 Nanosheets for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical H2 Generation

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Single crystal anatase TiO 2 nanosheets (TNS) were grown on a fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) substrate and then modified via multiple TiCl 4 treatments to produce a hierarchical TiO 2 structure. This high surface area hierarchical structure was then decorated with CdS (as a visible light absorber) using SILAR treatments. The resulting photoanodes provide a greatly enhanced photoelectrochemical H 2 generation capability. For the optimized TiO 2 and CdS decorated TNS electrode, a photocurrent magnitude of 3.5 mA/cm 2 at 0.5 V Ag/AgCl (under AM 1.5G, 100 mW/cm 2 ) was obtained, and an applied bias to photoconversion efficiency (ABPE) of 2.5% can be reached. The increase in the specific surface are provided by the hierarchical TiO 2 structure is responsible for the improved performance in comparison to the plain, non-hierarchical electrode with an ABPE=0.8%. Even after particle decoration, the rapid electron flow through the single-crystalline scaffold is maintained. Consequently, the photoanode presented here best integrates in a synergistic manner a larger surface area, a fast electron transport, and effective visible light harvesting properties.

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