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BATTERY 2030+ and its Research Roadmap: A Bibliometric Analysis

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This study analyzes subfields of battery research from the perspective of the BATTERY 2030+ roadmap. We evaluate the subject contents of certain subfields and the European standing in relation to the rest of the world, using bibliometric indicators and co-publishing networks, along with identifying strongholds within Europe.


In this bibliometric study, we analyze two of the six battery research subfields identified in the BATTERY 2030+ roadmap: Materials Acceleration Platform and Smart functionalities: Sensing. In addition, we analyze the entire research field related to BATTERY 2030+ as a whole. We (a) evaluate the European standing in the two subfields/the BATTERY 2030+ field in comparison to the rest of the world, and (b) identify strongholds of the two subfields/the BATTERY 2030+ field across Europe. For each subfield and the field as a whole, we used seed articles, i. e. articles listed in the BATTERY 2030+ roadmap or cited by such articles, in order to generate additional, similar articles located in an algorithmically obtained classification system. The output of the analysis is publication volumes, field normalized citation impact values with comparisons between country/country aggregates and between organizations, co-publishing networks between countries and organizations, and keyword co-occurrence networks.

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