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Automated Solid‐Phase Oligo(disulfide) Synthesis

A methodology for automated solid-phase synthesis of oligo(disulfide)s was developed. It is based on a synthetic cycle comprising removal of a protection group from a resin-bound thiol followed by treatment with monomers containing a thiosulfonate as an activated precursor. For ease of purification and characterization the disulfide oligomers were synthesized as extensions of oligonucleotides on an automated oligonucleotide synthesizer. Six different dithiol monomer building blocks were synthesized. Sequence-defined oligomers of up to 7 disulfide units were synthesized and purified. The sequence of the oligomer was confirmed by tandem MS/MS analysis. One of the monomers contains a coumarin cargo that can be released by a thiol-mediated release mechanism. When the monomer was incorporated into an oligo(disulfide) and subjected to reducing conditions, the cargo was released under near-physiological conditions, which underlines the potential use of these molecules in drug delivery systems.

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