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Application of Near‐Infrared Fluorescence Imaging in Thrombosis Detection

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Thrombosis is a serious threat to human life and health. Near infrared (NIR) fluorescence imaging has great potential for high signal-to-noise imaging analysis of thrombus. Therefore, we highlight the recent advances in thrombus NIR fluorescent probes from design strategies to biomedical applications and discuss the research bottlenecks and future directions.


In recent years, researchers have developed a variety of near infrared (NIR) fluorescent probes to achieve visual detection of thrombotic plaques in vivo. In this review, after clarifying the advantages of NIR probes in sensing thrombus in vivo, the structures and design strategies underlying always-on and turn-on NIR thrombus probes are discussed. Subsequently, by summarizing and classifying the biomarkers overexpressed in thrombus, we highlight the recent advances in thrombus NIR fluorescent probes in biomedical applications. Furthermore, specific issues and opportunities in this field are explored at the end of the review, which will facilitate the inventive design of new multifunctional fluorescent probes and actively promote their future clinical translation.

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