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Anchoring 0D CeO2 Nanoparticles on 2D LaTiO2N Nanosheets for Efficient Visible‐Light‐Driven Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction

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The efficiency of photocatalytic reduction of CO2  with water to hydrocarbons is largely limited by high recombination rate of photogenerated electrons and holes in the photocatalysts. Herein, 0D/2D CeO2/LaTiO2N S-scheme heterojunction photocatalyst prepared by simple in-situ hydrothermal approach realizes the overall conversion of gaseous CO2 and H2O without any sacrificial reagent and cocatalyst. The yields of CH4 and CO over CeO2/LaTiO2N sample under visible light for 3 h are 1.5 and 7.2 μmol·g-1, and the corresponding utilized photoelectron number (UPN) is 26.4 μmol·g-1, about 7.3 and 7.8 times that of individual LaTiO2N and CeO2, respectively. The enhanced photocatalytic activity of 0D/2D CeO2/LaTiO2N is attributed to the constitution of the S-scheme heterojunction, which effectively inhibits the recombination of photogenerated carriers. This study is expected to provide a new insight into the construction of efficient 0D/2D photocatalysts for visible-light-driven photocatalytic CO2 reduction.

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