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Ag22 Nanoclusters with Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Protected by Ag/Cyanurate/Phosphine Metallamacrocyclic Monolayers through In‐Situ Ligand Transesterification

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The composition of protection monolayer exerts great influence on the molecular and electronic structures of atomically precise monolayer protected metal nanoclusters. Four isostructural Ag/cyanurate/phosphine metallamacrocyclic monolayer protected Ag 22 nanoclusters are synthesized by kinetically controlled in-situ ligand formation-driven strategy. These eight-electron superatomic silver nanoclusters feature an unprecedented interfacial bonding structure with diverse E-Ag (E = O/N/P/Ag) interactions between the Ag 13 core and metallamacrocyclic monolayer, and displays thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF), benefiting from their distinct donor-acceptor type electronic structures. This work not only unmasks a new core-shell interface involving cyanurate ligand but also underlines the significance of high-electron-affinity N-heterocyclic ligand in synthesizing TADF metal nanoclusters. This is the first mixed valence Ag(0/I) nanocluster with TADF characteristic.

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