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Advances in the Key Metal‐Based Catalysts for Efficient Electrochemical Conversion of CO2

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The advancements of metal-based electrocatalysts for electrochemical CO2 reduction processes are comprehensively analyzed and the information related to important metals being developed as electrocatalysts, namely, gold, tin, copper, and nickel, is thoroughly compiled. The relationships between the microstructure, chemistry, and efficiency in CO2 conversion of the electrodes are compared and discussed.


The electrochemical reduction process is one of the most promising approaches to both efficiently remove the important greenhouse gas CO2 and convert it to chemical products of high value. However, in addition to the configuration of electrochemical cells, electrocatalysts are main factors affecting key performances in electrochemical CO2 reduction reactions. Recently, studies have been conducted to investigate the roles of metal-based electrocatalysts and improve their performances through alloying, oxidization, and microstructural modulations. This review comprehensively discusses and analyzes the developments made in such metal-based electrocatalyst studies and presents the advancements of important metals for use in electrochemical CO2 reduction processes. The relationships between the electrodes' microstructure, chemistry, and efficiency in CO2 conversion are also compared and discussed.

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