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A single‐pot co‐precipitation synthesis route for Ni‐rich layered oxide materials with high cycling stability

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In this work we report variations of LiNi 0.88 Mn 0.06 Co 0.06 O 2 synthesised through a single-pot oxalic acid co-precipitation route, in which all cation precursors were added in the same step. The effects of Al-doping, heat-treatment temperature and Li precursor excess were investigated with physicochemical and electrochemical characterisation. Phase pure and well-ordered polycrystalline materials were successfully synthesised for all Al-doped and undoped compositions. Undoped LiNi 0.88 Mn 0.06 Co 0.06 O 2 prepared at 750 o C with 4 at% excess Li precursor showed an excellent cycling stability in NMC||LTO cells with an initial capacity of 201 mAh/g at 0.1C at 20 o C, and a capacity retention of 81% after 415 cycles. Al-doped variations LiNi 0.88 Mn 0.04 Co 0.06 Al 0.02 O 2 and LiNi 0.88 Mn 0.06 Co 0.04 Al 0.02 O 2 were synthesised, and they showed similar initial electrochemical performance to undoped LiNi 0.88 Mn 0.06 Co 0.06 O 2 , but Al-doping by the oxalic acid co-precipitation route resulted in shorter cycle life. The study outlines the importance of the processing parameters to achieve Ni-rich layered oxides with long cycle life without further surface modifications.

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