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A Gas Generating System for Complex Gas Mixtures – Multifunctional Application in PTR Method Optimization and Downstream Methanol Synthesis

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Combining subunits to a process concept. In this article we present an approach to the generation, compression and downstream use of model feed gas streams within the scope of the project Carbon2Chem®. Parallel analysis and utilization of these gas feeds promote the understanding of effects induced by trace components.


The multifunctional applicability of a gas mixing system is presented within the scope of Carbon2Chem® for the simulation of steel mill flue gases and their application in downstream processes. A special focus is set on the parallel operation of the gas mixing system to enable PTR-MS method optimization and methanol synthesis with simulated real gas matrices. Information is gathered for the design of downstream processes and their application, where methanol synthesis is chosen as a model reaction. A proof-of-principle study is presented where operation of a catalytic reactor setup in combination with the gas mixing system and a compressor generate reproducible results. The addition of potential trace components in methanol synthesis is exemplarily demonstrated using ammonia. With respect to the PTR-MS application, the dosing of two calibration gas standards, toluene and carbonyl sulfide, via the gas mixing system were analyzed in detail. The obtained results give insight into its applicability to simulate traces and enables the further development of analytical methods for the analysis of trace impurities in the ppb and ppt range in complex gas mixtures.

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